Sony eMarker music tagging device

Launch price USD:49.00



Early hardware version of what we now know as Shazam/Musicmatch. The device would tag the time and date of a button press when you’d hear a song on the radio, then by using the desktop software, you can match the timestamp to your favorite radio station and find out what you were listening to.

On the backend, the servers used music fingerprinting to figure out what was playing. Overly complex system and only survived for about a year before shutting down. I trialed this in New York when it launched, and while it was pretty impressive, the whole thing was just too complex to use on a daily basis. By the time you’d plug it into your computer and have it match the timestamp, I had usually forgotten why I pressed it and what song it was for. Since it was in 2000, it was also hard to find the physical song once you knew its title. It usually meant either buying the CD single or visiting Napster…


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